TweakEasy Free

TweakEasy Free 4.3

Windows tweaking utility with 2494 policies to configure


  • Thousands of tweaks available
  • Extended information about each tweak


  • No search tool to locate tweaks
  • More visual tweaks would be great

Very good

The Windows operating system has lots of options to be customized in order to suit your needs and taste. However, many of them are inexplicably hidden, so that most users can't really reach them.

Thanks to tools like TweakEasy, now we can all see these settings in one single window and change their behaviour according to our interests. TweakEasy includes more than two thousand system policies that can be enabled or disabled in just a couple of links. The program also displays some information about each element.

That said, there are some points I didn't like about the program. First, although the policies are conveniently categorized in a tree-like structure, it would have been great to have a search tool and thus save lots of browsing time. Then, I expected to have more visual tweaks, the kind of changes I can actually see and make use of. But then again, maybe TweakEasy is simply not that kind of program.

Access, tweak and customize more than 2,000 system policies.

Getting to know your operating system is a very tricky thing. Looking in its "help file" is never enough as there is too vast an area to be contained by the now famous Help and Support provided in Windows. As the knowledge base becomes larger and larger, some things are simply not mentioned and others are dedicated strictly to advanced users.

You should know that a computer is running according to some parameters imposed by the developer for our own safety. These parameters are called policies and can be found for both computer and user configuration. You can think of them as a set of rules guiding and protecting whatever settings you make. Policies help you better protect the computer and configure the way your operating system behaves in certain situations (permissions and restrictions to certain actions for certain users). Most of the activity takes place in the background and it is not visible (like system restore gathering the data for creating a restore point).

Configuring all the policies is not a difficult task if you know where to look for the managing console. If you want an easy way to kick it off every time you want, we make available an application that enables your access to the list of 2494 policies available in Windows. The "free" edition of the application comes only with basic features (ability to browse all policies, ability to filter policies, and ability to change the software skin), while the "professional" edition comes with full features (ability to browse all policies, ability to search all policies, ability to bookmark all policies, ability to filter policies, availability of status bar, ability to save/load all policies, ability to reset all policies to default state, ability to create all policies report, availability of log, ability to export log, ability to restrict the software usage, and ability to change the software skin).

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TweakEasy Free


TweakEasy Free 4.3

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